Robot Cast #1

I'm trying my hand at a podcast, since I seem to have a little extra time on my hands these days (read: unemployed). Listen to my lovely voice, as well as some of my favorite songs. Don't be afraid.

1. Puffy - Hazumu Rizumu
2. Sweet Trip - Your World Is Eternally Complete
3. Tujiko Noriko - Robot Hero
4. David Bowie - Space Oddity
5. Kate Bush - Babooshka 6. King Crimson - Elephant Talk
7. Adrian Belew - Big Electric Cat
8. My Bloody Valentine - Off Your Face
9. Tom Waits - Yesterday Is Here
10. Jellyfish - Ignorance Is Bliss

1 comment:

Barefoot & Rusted said...

Didn't think you sounded stiff at all. Really dug the personal stories for the songs. Even though I've heard some of them. ^_~ Still, appreciated the mix of tunes and look forward to hearing your fine tune your "air" ways on this podcast.

Rock on d00d!