Fredo's Lament

I've been slacking lately, mostly when it comes to this blog, but I'm trying to get back into it. In any case, I'm here now. I recently attended a screening of The Godfather, a film I absolutely love and had never before seen in a theater. That was pretty exciting and it got me thinking, if ever there was a tragic figure in the history of cinema, Fredo Corleone might pop up on some people's lists. Definitely on mine. I tried to make a Fredo Corleone inspired mix, songs that might speak for him or remind people of him. I tried to follow the arc of his life; birth, full of promise, upbeat. Then it gets darker and maybe a little bit ferocious. Anyways, this is what came out, it lives over on 8tracks.com and it's embedded here, maybe you'll like it; press play.

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