You keep me under your spell

I recently saw Drive, which I very much enjoyed. In the film was a song by Desire called Under Your Spell. Watching the film, the song sounded familiar to me, I had to look up the soundtrack listing and then I stupidly realized I had their album. I like the song but I didn't like the chit-chat breakdown in the middle with the two girls talking to each other. The Drive soundtrack has an edited version of Under Your Spell which omits the chatter and the result is much more satisfying, for me.

I like the song's simplicity; I don't eat, I don't sleep, I do nothing but think of you. The basics of obsession when you meet that certain someone.

Find this on the aforementioned Drive soundtrack; alternatively, you can find the original version on Desire's II, which is a pain to search for.

Desire - Under Your Spell

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