Where the stars do drown

It's been a little slow around here lately. My current desktop where nearly all of my music lives, is slowly being dismantled in favor of a new computer I've been building. I'm just about done with it, it's gonna be BIGGER! BETTER! FASTER! MORE! and that should be pretty soon.

In any case, I can still post vids and whatnot, so here's one. I saw Bat For Lashes the other night, and they were fantastic. Seriously, it was probably the best show I've seen this year. And last week I saw, along with BFL, Camera Obscura and Neko Case. That's some top competition right there.

This is
Pearl's Dream, which is my favorite song on Two Suns. You should have heard this song played live. They completely KILLED it. It was spectacular. Also, check out Tara Busch's sweet remix of Daniel. She kinda turns the song into a haunting trip through a darkened forest, it's pretty cool. You can get it here for free. You have to sign up an email address to get it, but just use your spam account (I know everyone has multiple email accounts these days), it's worth it.

*EDIT* Nevermind what I said there, get it here with no hassle!

And lastly, if anybody cares, I'll probably be back a bit more regularly after this week or so. I'm looking at my new computer now and it's installing my goodies, rarin' to go.

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