Settle in, now

I think I've officially gone soft. I'm kidding, I really like the lyrics for this. Sung from a mother to a daughter (newborn?), with the mother telling how things have been far from perfect...until now. I dunno, it's a really sweet sentiment, and I love Tanya Donelly's voice. My favorite line is I've used and been used, I got over it. It's just life, it happens, and she tells it plain and simple.

Check this song on her 2002 album, Beautysleep, however, I actually prefer this live version, recorded in 2004. The original sorta sounds like a wind-up toy or something, I think it's the drums that do it. This version sounds more pure and less cluttered...from the heart, but maybe it's just me.

Tanya Donelly > Keeping You (live)

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Wood said...

I love the song myself. And you are right, this version is better.