I Am The Light

I just stumbled onto Grand Duchy the other day when I read that Frank Black is gonna be playing here next month. I was sleuthing about, looking for tour dates and I found out that he's got a new project, Grand Duchy, that he's doing with his wife, Violet Clark. Awesomeness.

Grand Duchy's album,
Petit Fours, just dropped this week and it's pretty fucking cool. It's difficult not to compare the music to that of the Pixies. It's also difficult not to compare Violet Clark to Kim Deal. Naturally, there is some of that Pixies flavor there, except some of this is a bit more synthy. According to the bio, Violet is more of an 80s music fan and has injected some of that 80s synth love into this album. Her voice is not as wispy as Kim Deal's; she really stands on her own.

Listening to the album today, I got around to the middle and this track absolutely destroyed me. I had to stop what I was doing and listen to it a few times in a row. I love when a song does that to me. I can kinda make out the lyrics, I think it's about aliens (Black Suit: kinda like the song Men In Black from his album, The Cult of Ray). It sounds so eerie and menacing and it totally fucking rocks. Check it out, and check out more of their music here.

Grand Duchy > Black Suit

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