Who could know if I'm a traitor

I just found this via The Hype Machine. It's a raucous version of Gillian Welch's Time (The Revelator), covered by Ryan Adams. I'm not a huge Adams fan, but I like him well enough. I saw him one time at a Bridge School concert a few years ago, and he's pretty good live. I love Gillian Welch, however, and have gone to see her live a few times. In any case, I love the original, and I like this a lot as well. Pick up the original on Ms. Welch's album of the same name. For now, compare and contrast. There will be a quiz this Friday.

Ryan Adams > Time (The Revelator)

Gillian Welch > Time (The Revelator)

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jedipan said...

ryan adams is a bit of a bastard, but he makes some great albums.. nice cover of a great song.. x