Seventh Heaven

I can't get enough of this song. Also, the instrumental version is great. The breakdown part in the middle cracks me up. The first time I heard it, I was sooooo confused for a moment there. Then the beat kicked back in. As far as I know, both tracks are b-sides and can only be found on the Polyryhthm single (pictured below).

If you asked me, I couldn't tell you why I'm so addicted to Perfume right now. I could say something like "I really admire the pristine production of Nakata Yasutaka" or something pretentious like that. In reality, it's nothing more than I just like the music because it sounds good to me. No indie snobbery here, this shit just sounds fucking great. It might pass, it might not. Right now, I really really like it. Maybe you will, too...

Perfume > Seventh Heaven

Perfume > Seventh Heaven (Original Instrumental)

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