I love every word you wrote to me

Hey, I really like this. It's Cloetta Paris, from Sweden. More cool music from Sweden. Doesn't seem like the well is ever gonna run dry at this point. Anyways, I've only heard what's on her myspxxx page so far. It's kinda (light) ambient electro-pop mixed with dance/disco and precious, but not cutesy, female vocals. Her voice reminds me of someone, but I'm struggling to place it. Anybody? If I had to compare to other bands, I'd run off the list of, I dunno... Erasure/Vince Clarke, Pet Shop Boys, Depeche Mode and Yaz. Something like that, I guess. I'm not well versed in that area, to be honest, so listen and decide for yourself! Oh yeah, and her album, Secret Eyes, is on Skywriting Records, if you're interested.

Cloetta Paris > Broken Heart Tango (from the album, Secret Eyes)

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