When did you become so careless?

I recently received a mix from somebody on that now defunct message board I used to frequent. The mix on the whole is really cool. It's kinda breezy and summery, perfect for driving around town with the windows open and the sunroof open (or top down).

This is probably my favorite track on the mix. I love the girl vocals, the bouncy beat and shuffling drums. There's on part where a guy jumps into the vocal mix that I'm not too fond of, but it's pretty short and really not that big a deal. It's a sweet slice of shimmering summer pop. I also like the little Joy Division nod. Pretty cool. I don't know anything about The Honeydrips, I'll be looking to check out some more of their stuff.

The Honeydrips > (Lack of) Love Will Tear Us Apart

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Anonymous said...

I just looked them up, and the guy is from sweden, what a wnkr...