A Little History

I thought I had posted them here, but a quick search doesn't bring it up. Earlier this year, I scanned all of my concert ticket stubs that I've saved over the years. There are some that might be slightly embarrassing, and there are some that are pretty cool. It's me, though, for the most part, warts n' all. Some of the shows I've been to didn't issue proper tickets, only those little carnival stubs, which is pretty lame. Also, I knew a guy at one venue, and he would just walk me in; and I saw a ton of shows through him over the past five or six years. There are some gaps, to be sure, but these are a pretty good overview of the shows I've gone to ever since I was old enough to get out on my own.

The Neko Case ticket up there, man that gig was pretty sweet. I flew to Denver to hang out with friends who live there and it just so happened that Neko Case was playing there, so we went. We stuck around after the show, one guy is a fan of Jon Rauhause and chatted him up; I got to speak with Ms. Case herself after the show. She signed a poster for me and gave me a hug. How cool is that? 

Click here for the ticket stub slideshow, if you're interested.


jim said...

That's cool, I've got all my old ones but lately I only get a will call option. A lot of philly venues have been like that for a while. Lame.

robot hero said...

yeah, a lot of the smaller SF venues are the same way these days.