No one can stop me

I found this album in Amoeba's clearance bin for $2.99. It's called The Powerpuff Girls: Heroes & Villains. A bunch of bands handpicked by the show's creator to sing songs about the Powerpuff Girls. Some of the bigger names include Devo, The Apples in Stereo, Frank Black, Dressy Bessy and Cornelius.

I love this Shonen Knife track, Buttercup (I'm A Super Girl). The guitars sorta sound like a riff off The Ramones' Blitzkrieg Bop, and the song is topped off with a bit of 80s style keyboards. It's pretty fun stuff and, for a few bucks, the album is an absolute steal.

Shonen Knife > Buttercup (I'm A Super Girl)

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jennifer said...

I love that album!! Gosh, I bought that when i still lived in Milwaukee. SO CUTE from start to finish. Love the dialogue that bleeds from song to song. Can quote right along with it!