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I've been making a mix for a trade that's been going regularly, for the most part. The fun thing about making a mix, for me, is digging through my collection to try and find gems that my recipient may not be aware of. As a result, I listen to stuff that maybe I haven't listened to in a while and perhaps find something I should be listening to more often. I'm not trying to out-obscure anyone, I don't feel like my knowledge is that great. I'm just dropping stuff that I'm into and stuff I think the recipient might like as well.

On a tangent, I also ran into this article, the other day, lamenting the death of the mixtape. I sorta see the writer's point, but I don't think it's a lost or dead art. Yeah, it's easier to compile a mix now, but there's still a lot of thought that can be put into it. It's the same as anything; you get out of it whatever you put into it. And he wonders why he's not feelin' the love.

In any case, what I came here to say is that I have rediscovered Blondie's
Slow Motion. Man, I love this song. It's got that Motown and 60's girl-group feel; it's a whole lot of fun. Someone could totally come up with some retarded choreographed dance to go along with the song.

Blondie are pretty cool. Sadly I wasn't really into them when they were going. I kinda liked them, but any enjoyment I got was killed off by my younger sister when she got the 7" of
The Tide Is High and played it to fucking death. Seriously, it was that and Olivia Newton-John's Magic. And the fucking Human League's Don't You Want Me. Man, she killed me with that shit.

In the late 80's, a chance reading of an interview with Debbie Harry and Chris Stein piqued my interest in them again. One of the amusing quotes I still remember from that interview was when Debbie Harry responded to the accusation of Blondie selling out. I'm paraphrasing from hazy memory here, but she said something like "Yeah, we sold out; but at least we were the first ones to do it." Man, that cracked me up to no end for some reason. Awesome.

Anyway, check out
Slow Motion, it's on the Eat To The Beat album, which could possibly be my favorite Blondie album. Actually, I'm not sure; Parallel Lines is pretty goddamn good, too. Take your pick.

Blondie > Slow Motion

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