Lord, I'm 500 miles from my door

I am taking off for a few days, I'm going on a little road trip. Just for fun, I'll be trying to send Twitter updates (if I remember). It's on the right side of this page, underneath the LastFM widget, if you are interested.

You can find this track on the Innocence Mission's Christ Is My Hope album. As mentioned on their site, "All profits from the sales of this record continue to be donated to hunger relief charities", which makes everyone a winner.
I know some peeps might look at that title and wonder about listening to a Christian band. They're not Christian, per se, or rather, they don't fit the popular definition of what a Christian band is; but their lyrics do contain a lot of religious and spiritual references. The thing about them, I guess, is that the songs are more about personal experiences and beliefs, without coming off as preachy. The songs are like little short stories; the band doesn't try to convert or judge anyone and there's no moral to the story, which makes it easy to listen to and accept. Plus, Karen Peris has the voice of an angel. Do check them out, if you haven't already. Also, you can stream a few random tracks here.

The Innocence Mission > 500 Miles

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Wood said...

A friend introduced me to the Innocence Mission not long ago, and I was very pleasantly surprised, actually.

I don't see what the stigma is with listening to a band with an ideology - there's plenty of bands out there with politics we don't agree with and we don't have any problem listening to them... if the music is good enough.