Don't go thinking you're cool

I suppose if I had heard this album in a timely manner, this might have made my little list of 2007 faves. It's difficult the way things are these days, there's an overwhelming amount of music that screams to be heard and you can't really answer each call unless it's your job to listen to music. In any case...

I first heard Lucky Soul's
Give Me Love on the very cool HDIF (How Does It Feel?) compilation, The Kids At The Club. I've finally got around to checking out Lucky Soul's album, The Great Unwanted, and it's infectious fun. As some of the peeps on my regular message board have said, it's somewhere along the same street as St. Etienne, Saturday Looks Good To Me and The Pipettes; which isn't a bad place to live for any band. Anyways, I could go on; better to let the music speak for itself. Also, check out more tracks at myspXXX.

Lucky Soul > One Kiss Don't Make A Summer


jennifer said...

Argh! I was meant to see them in London on Wednesday, December 19, but we were stuck indoors ALL DAY waiting for our fucking suitcase to arrive. Gah. :-(

robot hero said...

Ah man, I bet that would have been a fun gig.