Do the math

I've only heard this song for the first time the other day, and I found it terribly amusing. It's Okkervil River's Plus Ones, and it's off their album, The Stage Names, which was released last year. They've referenced songs with numbers in the titles/lyrics and added 1 to them. Being the lame-O nerd that I am, I set out to list all the references. I had to look up a couple, but I knew most of them.

Question Mark & The Mysterians > 96 Tears
Nena > 99 LuftBallons
R.E.M. > 7 Chinese Brothers
The Byrds > 8 Miles High
David Bowie > TVC15
The Zombies > Care of Cell 44
Paul Simon > 50 Ways To Leave Your Lover
The Commodores > 3 Times A Lady
The Crests > 16 Candles
Nine Inch Nails > Year Zero

I think that's it, if anyone has any additions or corrections, please have at it. Oh, and the album is pretty good. It's got a kinda organic (maybe even classic) rock sound to it. Check out more of their songs here and here.

Okkervil River > Plus Ones

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