Haven't had a kiss since Christmas

Hello, music lovers. Clickety click and celebrate Christmas in mopey style, with the gorgeous El Perro Del Mar! And in case you were wondering, El Perro Del Mar has a new album coming in 2008, and I quote...
El Perro del Mar's second full-length album titled 'From the Valley to the Stars' will be released on February 27th. The album will be preceded by the single 'How did we forget?' which will be released on 7" as well as a digital download on February 13th. More trivia on the album and things related can be found in the journal.
As usual, check out more tunes on her myspXXX page, or just buy the goddamn album, because it's that good. Also of interest is her blog (man, I hate that word, it sounds like a euphemism for vomiting or something; "Duuuuude, I just blogged!" Gross.), which you can find here. I may or may not post for the rest of 07 (not that anybody will miss it), but I hope anyone reading has cool cool holidays.

El Perro Del Mar > Oh What A Christmas

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