You have the right to free speech, as long as you're not dumb enough to actually try it

Joe is the man. Go see the film. Know your rights. And laugh at Johnny Depp. WTF was that all about? It looked like they were interviewing Captain Jack Sparrow.

The Clash > Know Your Rights (Live)


That's what I say each time, but I can't follow through

Check out this awesome track; Break-A-Way, by Irma Thomas. I love how the lyrics are so sad yet the music is very uptempo in contrast, handclaps and all. Not only that, it sounds like a completely fucked up relationship, which is my specialty. Songs like this totally live on my street. I read that Irma Thomas has a cult following, but with songs like this, that girl deserved to be a star.

Irma Thomas > Break-A-Way


I'm a bitter man, I know, but listen honey, you're no fun

So I guess I've been listening to Voxtrot for about a year or so. I climbed upon the bandwagon a little late, as usual, but what are you gonna do? Whatever, right? The point is, I like them, for the most part and I'm going to go see them next week at the excellent Bimbo's 365 Club (inconveniently located in San Francisco's North Beach district).

Here comes the part where I sound like an indie snob. Voxtrot released their (self-titled) first album just earlier this year and I don't like it nearly as much as the previous EPs
(Mothers Sisters Daughters & Wives, Raised By Wolves, Your Biggest Fan). I dunno, I'm sure they put a lot of hard work into the album, but something got lost in the process. The EPs feel fresh and vital, while the album feels like it's stuck in the mud or something. I wanted to like it, but it really didn't catch me at all. Give the other stuff a listen, though, it's well worth your time.

All said, they are still a fun band to see live. Plus, all the girls love Ramesh. I don't think I've ever heard one female speak ill of his looks. So you'll get a little eye candy as well, if you attend a show. Nothing wrong with that. Check out Ramesh's blog, it's well written, if infrequently updated (kinda like this page...uhh, the infrequent updates part). Listen to more tracks on their myspaXXX page, but until then, check this out.

Voxtrot > Raised By Wolves


Puffy the Monster!

I'm gonna go see Puffy tomorrow night, at Slim's. I am really digging their new album, Honeycreeper, it seems more immediate to me than the previous one. It took me a while to get into Splurge. I kinda miss the Andy Sturmer production on this and the last album, though. Being a big Jellyfish fan, he was the reason I had heard of Puffy. That said, I still really enjoy Puffy, and I am quite stoked to check out the gig.

My favorite song so far is Youkai Puffy, I guess it's about a monster or a ghost. It's a bit long, clocking in at just over seven minutes, but there is dialog at the beginning which lasts for about two or three minutes. I didn't like the dialog at first, but the tones of their voices crack me up. The song itself is a barn-burner and it sounds like the band is having a blast.

Check out their G*p ad above, and test drive a new track below. Also, there are more tracks available on their myspXXX page. Honeycreeper is already out in Japan, with a US release coming in 2008. How's that for vague?

Puffy > Youkai Puffy


California Love #6: American Music Club > California Dreamin'

It's been a while, so time for another California type song. I like American Music Club; Mark Eitzel's lyrics are filled with self-loathing and he always makes everything sound so maudlin and melancholy. He also has a sarcastic sense of humor, which comes out when he plays live. So yeah, this cover is a good fit. It's a fine rendition, no surprises and pretty straight ahead. It's an unlisted track, I believe, on their San Francisco album.

American Music Club > California Dreamin'


Live through this and you won't look back

I'm not sorry I met you.
I'm not sorry it's over.
I'm not sorry there's nothing to say.

> Your Ex-Lover Is Dead