You know what I fear, the end is always near

My buddy KC linked me to this shirt and asked me if this Venn Diagram summed up our relationship. "Yeah" I said, "Pretty much." Poor KC, I hope I didn't hurt her feelings too bad. Cool shirt, I think I might pick one up. Click the pic if you want to check it out, among others, over at Diesel Sweeties.

So, here's a song you might understand someday. Just kidding, I'm not an indie snob; I mean, look at all the shit I listen to, come on. Anyways, I picked up the reissue of The Knife's Silent Shout. It comes with two additional discs: one live CD and a live DVD. The live disc is pretty sweet, I'd like to catch their show sometime. This is the live version of my favorite track from Silent Shout.

The Knife > We Share Our Mother's Health

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jennifer said...

Oh yeah! I've been meaning to listen to the album you sent me. I'd never heard them before. I like the music. It reminds me of early Depeche Mode. But the vocals - hmmm, no. They remind me of TATU! Or maybe CSS. Eurgh.