Fake ID

So, the new Go! Team album, Proof of Youth, is out. So far, Fake ID is my favorite track. It's got a nice melody and I still dig the cheerleader schtick. If you have the first album, Thunder Lightning Strike, you might be able to live without this one, but it's still pretty fun and worth the splash if you like the first one. PoY also seems to follow the same formula as TLS; a few songs here, then an instrumental, and then ending with an instrumental as well. It's not a bad thing, just something I noticed. The album still has that low-fi production feel, which is cool, but there's something about the production that bugs me and I'm not sure what it is. Maybe it's just because it's new, but I think this will likely end up in heavy rotation, like the previous album did. The biggest surprise is the legendary Chuck D showing up on Flashlight Fight; I am liking that song quite a bit, as well. In any case, you can pick it up at the Memphis Industries site, if you are so inclined. The album also comes with a second disc of three b-sides and a remix of Grip Like A Vice (I'm not sure if that's a limited release or not). Don't forget to check out more tracks over at their myspaXXX site.

The Go! Team > Fake ID


Stef said...

I've seen The Go! Team live a couple of times -they're festival regulars here in the UK- and they're quite good fun. I can never listen to a whole album though... Don't you find it gets on your tits after a while?

jennifer said...

This track was pretty straight ahead, but I liked it. It didn't catch me, though. Martin bought the album this weekend but I haven't listened to it yet. Once he burns it I'll give it a listen. Seeing them next week! Should be ace. :D