I can't quit you baby

So even the mighty Led Zeppelin have succumbed to the reunion madness. Sheesh, this one is all over the place, even I couldn't stay away from it. Apparently John Bonham's son, Jason, will be playing drums in his father's absence. Apparently, it's a one-off gig in memory of Ahmet Ertegun (co-founder of Atlantic Records) but there are swirling rumors of a full blown tour as well. A few months ago, I happened to catch a PBS documentary on Stax Records. For a while, Stax was affiliated with Atlantic Records, and they briefly talked about the artists that Ertegun had signed and produced, and his vision. He was an amazing guy when it came to music, so I guess it seems only fitting that Led Zepppelin should get back togther to honor the guy who helped them start their legendary career. I have a hard time listening to Zep these days (they were really overplayed in high school), so check out this cool cover by Kristin Hersh.

Kristin Hersh > When The Levee Breaks

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Stef said...

I should find out whether i got tickets on not on Monday morning *fingers crossed*

An interesting little cover that. Not sure if I like it, but... Meh.