Baby, are you dyin' to fly?

Tanya Donelly has one of the sweetest voices I've heard. Restless is about a lover who is, well, restless. It's the little things she notices about him, still starin' at that wall like it's a window and you hold my hand like it's a razor, that build up to the point where she finally asks, baby, are you dyin' to fly? I always wondered what the answer was that she heard. The moment is sooooo heartachingly gorgeous, I love it. At the time I had first heard this song, I had been trying to talk myself into breaking up with the then current girlf, and Restless earned many repeat listens for me during that period of time. So the answer for me was, yes. Dyin' to fly, indeed.

The EP upon which this track appears, Sliding and Diving, is out of print now, from what I can tell. You'll have to look for a download or maybe hope the tracks get posted, in some form or another, on Tanya's site, but the 4-track disc is quite worth it (if just for Restless and Swoon) if you feel like hunting it down. There are also a couple (different) tracks for you to check out (from her excellent newest album, This Hungry Life) via myspaXXX.

Tanya Donelly > Restless


jennifer said...

This song isn't working for me. It starts, but then stops immediately. :(

Wood said...

I disagree. I think it's lovely. But then, I'm a massive Tanya Donelly fan.

jennifer said...

Hehe. I was talking about technical issues, not my opinion of the song. ;-)