There was no reason to complain

This song sounds and feels so serene (it just played on random), it's kinda nice to hear it late at night. It's sounding especially good right now at 10pm on a Sunday night. The canned drums sound cool against her voice in the beginning, and the melody kind of soars. It's just...really pleasant, for lack of a better adjective. I also dig the little siren sounds that sound like they're about to get all distorted, but then they end just as quickly as they start up. I ended up buying this album, Scary World Theory, because of the articles that said Radiohead's Kid A was a ripoff of this band called Lali Puna. I think I'd like to check out more of them, as I have only this album. It didn't stun me or anything, but it's really quite good.

Lali Puna > Nin-Com-Pop

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jennifer said...

Hmm. This song kept stopping/pausing and starting again. Maybe DivShare is having a problem today.