Why don't you stay home where you're loved?

Sticking to the heartache and longing theme, this is Nina Nastasia's Why Don't You Stay Home. It's a plea to her estranged lover who happens to be momentarily visiting, presumably to see the kids or collect some old belongings, it's heartbreaking and kind of sobering. She doesn't sing about why they have been separated or about anything else that's washed under the bridge, all that is the past, over and done with. She simply wants him to come back and stay for good. The music is haunting and spare, just a guitar and a piano, which leaves a lot of room for her voice. And what a voice it is, so expressive and filled with longing and perhaps the realization that this might be her last chance at getting him back, it almost seems like she is that person in the song.

I don't know much about her, really, so it's possible that the song could be autobiographical. Either way, you can find this track on her latest album,
On Leaving, on Fatcat. She also has a myspace page. Who doesn't? Anyways, check it out. You know the drill.

Nina Nastasia > Why Don't You Stay Home

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