I gotta come clean

I've been reading Redemption Song: The Ballad of Joe Strummer. I have to say I'm not entirely interested in the stuff he did as a child, so I sorta skimmed the first quarter of the book. I'm roughly halfway through now, and the stories and details about the 101ers and the beginnings of The Clash have really caught my attention. This is the good stuff!

Subsequently, I've been listening to a lot of The Clash lately. One thing that really strikes me is that their songs have a really good pop quality to them. They're very catchy and singable. It seems like that gets overlooked when most people talk about The Clash.

This is just one example, but check out this early tune,
1-2 Crush On You (it comes complete with a sax solo!), and judge for yourself. If that interests you, it can be found on the Super Black Market Clash album, and (I believe) The Clash on Broadway box set. I think the box set might be out of print (OOP) but, judging from the tracklist, it looks like it'd be very worth your time. Super Black Market Clash would be the more inexpensive option, if you were going to purchase either of the two. I've seen that going for a tenner at the most, brand new. They're one of the few bands of which I'd purchase a new RIAA-affiliated disc.

The Clash > 1-2 Crush On You

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jennifer said...

Oh noes! Not a sax solo! This was kind of ridiculous, but all good fun.

Oh, and good call on the pop quality of the Clash. That's probably why I bothered with them at all when I was younger.