Stay Awake

Yay! A new Asobi Seksu track, titled Stay Awake. I've heard it only a few times so far, but it really struck me how dreamy the track is, I think it's really pretty. I also like the ending, how it drifts and fades. You can stream/download it here, on the Adult Swim site, of all places. Also, it's gonna be released on 7" b/w Then He Kissed Me. Time to fire up the turntable. It's been roughly a year since Citrus was released, but there hasn't been any word on a new album as of yet. They're touring the UK at the moment, so I'm guessing it'll be a while, end of the year at the very least, before new album news drops. But who knows? Also, they have a live EP to tide you over. It's part of iTunes' Live from SoHo series, and it's only available as an iTunes download. Because I'm so XXXcore, I'm contemplating buying it, although I've never purchased anything from them before. If anyone grabs it from iTunes, let me know how the performance and everything sounds.

Asobi Seksu > Stay Awake

Ooh, and they also have a new-ish video for Goodbye. Check it.


Stef said...

I'm really liking this track. Not familiar with the band at all though, think I might go off and see if I can find some more!

There's not enough dreamy music in my life :-)

Bort said...

Gorgeous track. Song of the year, so far. When is this 7" ever going to come out? I remember it was first reported as to be released April 3.