I got it badly for a stick legged girl

I put the player on shuffle last night and this tune popped up. I hadn't heard it in a while and had sorta forgotten how much I liked it. I first encountered the Old 97'sTimebomb in the movie, Clay Pigeons. It's a quirky movie about murders in a small town with Vince Vaughn and Joaquin Phoenix. It's pretty cool, it won't blow you away but it's sorta underrated, I think. Anyway, this song is just a big ball of energy, it jumps right out of the gate. I love the line, havin' her in my brain's like getting hit by a train. I love the way the drummer does that shuffle beat, or whatever it's called. The whole thing just sings to me.

Sadly, I bought their album, Fight Songs, which was the latest release at that time, and it didn't really do anything for me and I never investigated any further. I even saw Rhett Miller, the singer for the Old 97s. He had released a solo album and was supporting Neil Finn. He turned in a nice set, but nothing grabbed me in particular. The soundtrack for Clay Pigeons is pretty cool, however, and I can recommend that without hesitation. So check it out. Who knows, maybe someone will hear this and end up loving the Old 97s.

Old 97s > Timebomb


Stef said...

You're right, that is a great line :-)

Song's not bad either and I've added Clay Pigeons to my DVD rental list. It'd better be good buster! ;-)

robot_hero said...

enjoy, dude ^_^

jennifer said...

Yeah! I had a friend from Milwaukee who was very into the Old 97's and would always put their shit on mix tapes (and then CDs) for me. So I have soft spot for them. Oh, and also, Rhett is smokin' HOTT. I really love "Murder or a Heart Attack." Also, Clay Pigeons was fun as I recall.