No Quarter

So, I have to say, I hardly listen to (Tool's) Salival. Because of the odd shape of the packaging (much bigger than a CD jewel case or DVD snap case), it sits away from the storage racks, generally on top and somewhat forgotten. I had it ripped a long time ago, but I'd neglected to rip it again after the past several hard drive failures. I finally got around to ripping it last week and am enjoying it more than I ever have before, especially their cover of Led Zeppelin's No Quarter. I haven't heard it in forever, but I kinda want to put on the Zep version just to compare, because I have a feeling that Tool's version will blow away the Zep version...only in that I love Tool, and merely liked Led Zeppelin.

I can respect Led Zeppelin for what they've done, but they've sorta become a caricature to me. It's so hard to listen to them without remembering some crappy ass FM station championing Stairway to Heaven (or some other overplayed Zep track) two or three times a day ("This is KRQR and *that* was the mighty Led Zeppelin with their classic, Black Dog"). HELLO STFU PLZ IM TIRED OF HEARING THIS KTHXBYE. Or how about the fucking stoners in high school, with their steeltoe boots, dirty blue jeans and their denim jackets that had the giant-sized Swan Song patch logo sewn onto the back, along with the Zoso logo scribbled onto their schoolbooks and binders while walking around muttering, "Zeppelin, dude." under their breath and flashing each other with the \m/ sign. UMM HELLO STFU PLZ KTHXBYE.

Man, I wish I could go back in time to utter that phrase to those assholes. I'd be dressed smartly in black and I'd totally walk up to them and start with, "Hello (random stoner dude), I have a message for you from the future. STFU PLZ KTHXBYE." They would stare at me blankly, not getting it, as I walked away and disappeared...but it would make ME feel better.

And that, my friends, is my expert analysis on why Tool's No Quarter > Led Zeppelin's No Quarter. Compare and contrast. KTHXBYE.

Tool > No Quarter

Led Zeppelin > No Quarter


jennifer said...

Ha! This post made me laugh but I ain't listenin' to no Tool.

robot_hero said...

Aw c'mon, Jen, I'll give you a dollar.

Stef said...

You only 'liked' Led Zep? I knew there was something wrong with you on a fundamental level. kthxbye ;-)

Still, when I was growing up in the 80s none of the radio stations played Zep any more so the only time you heard it was when you sought it out. To me, even Stairway isn't over-played.

Interetingly, No Quarter -or at least the live incarnation- is probably one of my favourite Zep tracks. Likin' the Tool version though.

robot_hero said...

yeah, man...it was just way overplayed by the time i got to high school. just can't listen to them without being transported back to those days.