I know the truth and I know what you're thinking

Man, the Stone Roses. So much promise. Their album was like a bomb when it came out. Then they got stuck in some stupid legal battle with label, Silvertone(?), which held up the release of their second album, "Second Coming", for something like five years...and it wasn't even that good. By that time, I'd pretty much forgotten about them. The tour for the second album made it out here; I went to see them and they were great. After that, they just dropped out of sight. There was some mild interest when guitarist, John Squire, formed a new band (The Seahorses) and released a new album, but the reviews were fairly tepid. Vocalist, Ian Brown, apparently released some decent solo albums, but I couldn't be bothered. It just seemed like there wouldn't be anything they could do that would live up to that first album. "Fools Gold" is probably my favorite track from that album. I fucking love that hypnotic beat. From what I remember, it was a single in the UK. It got some airplay here in the states and the record label decided to cash in and re-released the album in the US with the long (original?) version of "Fools Gold" on it. Memory lane is just a click away.

The Stone Roses > Fools Gold


J Grant said...

they've been on heavy rotation this month. i love that album. shit i've been listening to it for 18 years. holy crap. 18 years. I'd have to say it's my favorite album all time.

Wood said...

It's somewhere in my top ten.

However, you know that Fool'ds Gold isn't on the album? It was just a single.

robot_hero said...

The album was reissued in the US and they tacked Fools Gold onto the end of it ^_^

jennifer said...

Haha! What perfect timing. I guess it was on the "shit songs that people feel compelled to sing along to at clubs" thread that inspired it, but for the past month or so, Martin has been obsessed with imitating some Mancunian walking into a disco during "I am the Resurrection", arms raised like Jesus on the cross, and proclaiming is love for the ROSES in the worst Manchester accent ever.

It's hilarious and ridiculous, and we walked into a bar Friday night and the end of "I wanna be adored" was on. We had to laugh.

Christ. Anyway, you old'un. I bought the album WELL after it was released and dug it ok. I remember they were supposed to come to Milwaukee in...'95? I was well psyched to see them, but then John Squire broke his collarbone in like a biking accident and the tour was cancelled, and then the rest is history. I guess they got to San Fran that year before his accident?

robot_hero said...

I'm a little surprised, I would have guessed that you were all over this album. Now that I think about it, I don't remember it ever coming up in our conversations.

jennifer said...

Well, I wasn't all over it '89 cos I was ten. But even when I bought it at the height of Brit-pop in '95, I was much more obsessed over Pulp and Blur.

I'm not dissin' it, though. It's alright!

robot_hero said...

Ten! Man, I must be blind. Only when it's mentioned do I realize there's a gap.

Stef said...

I was starting college in '89, the perfect time to be into the Roses and the Happy Mondays who I also now love.

That whole scene was fantastic.