Ain't no place like Motown, Hitsville USA

When you're feeling like shit, just head on over to 2648 West Grand Boulevard. Listen to this track, The Velvelettes' "Ain't No Place Like Motown", and just try to keep your toes from tapping. I swear, man, the world would be a better place if everyone listened to Motown on a regular basis. I picked this up from the "Cellarful of Motown" two-disc compilation of rarities and unreleased singles, that looks something like this:

If you're even remotely interested in 60s Motown soul, then this is completely for you. Plus the cool thing is that it's not the same songs that you hear over and over on the radio and in movie soundtracks. Chances are, it'll be completely new to you, while still having that familiar feel and sound.

The Velvelettes > Ain't No Place Like Motown

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Stef said...

Totally with you on the Motown thing, I rate the genre as a whole as being one of the best ever. Musically accomplished, fun, enjoyable, wide appeal... What more could you ask for?