Let's get electrified

I love it, but I don't know much about this song. I first heard it on the soundtrack for the movie, Vanilla Sky. Man, I really hated that movie. Even before it was fashionable to slag off Tom Cruise. I think it wasn't even so much him, as it was the character he played. He was just an arrogant jackass. I even watched the original film, Abre Los Ojos, because I figured that one would be much better than the American remake. Bzzzt, wrong answer. I didn't like ALO any better. The main character is just such a self-centered, whiny little bitch. Seriously. I did, however, like Cameron Diaz in Vanilla Sky. Sadly, she reminded me of a girl I used to date. Sheesh.

In any case, you can find this track on Leftfield's "Rhythm and Stealth" album. Rap legend, Afrika Bambaataa, drops some cool vocals and this track completely rocks. Also, make sure you check out Chris Cunningham's video for the track, it's fucking brilliant. "Do you need a hand?"

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jennifer said...

Z U L U - that's the way to say ZULU! Heh. That was pretty, um, 'tight.' But why'd you have to put that disgusting photo at theh beginning of the post? Yikes.