Can't say what they mean, don't mean what they say

Man, I had totally forgotten about this song and it somehow came up in my coversation with Vanessa the other day. We were talking about Scrabble and I was telling her I didn't want to go up against her because she'd totally own my ass. Then she said that she didn't think so, that I was pretty wordy...which leads to the title of this track, Wordy Rappinghood, by the Tom Tom Club. Along with Blondie's Rapture, this was one of the first rap songs I ever heard (oddly, both are done by white girls!). The Tom Tom Club's debut album was a 1981 side project of Tina Weymouth and Chris Frantz of the Talking Heads. Give it a spin, it's really catchy and fun, and still sounds good to me after all these years.

Ooh, and check out this embedded media player from divshare, it's pretty sweet.


jennifer said...

Pretty good, though too long! I've liked the few songs I've heard of Tom Tom Club, even if they do go on a bit. I heard this song first through the cover by Chicks on Speed. I think it's a better version, more sped up, more robust, and all different sorts of girls' voices. Ace!

robot_hero said...

ooh, that sounds cool. i'll have to look for that version.