A friend of the devil is a friend of mine

Another one for the unlikely covers department. Ministry doing the Grateful Dead's "Friend of the Devil", live at the Bridge School Benefit in 94. If you don't know, the Bridge School "is an educational program dedicated to ensuring that children with severe speech and physical impairments achieve full participation in their communities through the use of augmentative & alternative means of communication (AAC) and assistive technology (AT) applications."

It's an annual event (usually in October), and the first benefit was held in 1986 at the Shoreline Theater, located in Mountain View, California (about 45 miles south of San Francisco). It's always organized by Neil Young and his wife, who have several children with severe learning disabilities, hence their involvment with the Bridge School. There's an abbreviated list of past performers over at Wikipedia, if you wanna see who else has played there. It's pretty much split between bands I'm into and bands I'm not so into and it seems like the lineups have been lacking these past few years.

As for this track, if you knew the music of Ministry and you heard this randomly, not knowing it, you probably wouldn't even come close to guessing it was them.

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Anonymous said...

Holy schmidt! This is awesome. Dig this crazy beat.