This life has its victories, but its defeats tear so viciously

I've had a bad start to this year, things have been pretty fucked up lately. Part of it was foolishly brought on by myself, so now I just gotta deal with it. Anyway, this one line in this song, where she goes "this life has its victories but its defeats tear so viciously", never fails to break my heart when Margo Timmins sings it. Well, I haven't heard anyone else sing it except for me, but you know what I mean. Her voice is simply sweet and angelic and she's really charming in concert as well. This particular track is from their third album, "Black Eyed Man", which is good. If you like this track, tho, I strongly recommend their first album, "The Trinity Session". Seriously, it's one of the best 3am, party's-winding-down albums you can find.

Cowboy Junkies > This Street, That Man, This Life

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