Self Portrait: DoB

OMFG!!1!!!1~~ Robot Hero in rare self portrait shocker!

Me, messing around with camera at 1am on my birthday. Fucking hell, I feel old. I'm treating myself to an Aimee Mann gig tonight, at Bimbo's 365 in North Beach. She's doing a "Christmas Show", probably in conjunction with the Christmas album she just released, which is titled ""One More Drifter In The Snow". You can buy the album over on her website and probably your local brick and mortar CD shop as well. It's got all the covers you might expect, and it also features an original song, "Calling On Mary". Also, her version of "You're A Mean One Mr. Grinch" is amusing.

I'm taking my dad along with me to the show. I figure that over the course of my lifetime, he's put up with enough of my shit that he deserves at least night out on me. I also figure that of all the music I listen to, he'd be more receptive to 1) Aimee Mann (even tho he probably wouldn't "get" her) and 2) a Christmas themed show. I don't think he'd be very pleased if I dragged his ass to go see Asobi Seksu or Neko Case. Then again, if I put enough alcohol in him, I could probably get him to sing along to all my favorite Godspeed You! Black Emperor tunes. Anyways, check out Aimee's Christmas track, along with my two favorite birthday songs. Cheers.

Aimee Mann > Calling On Mary
The Pixies Three > Birthday Party
Cibo Matto > Birthday Cake


Anonymous said...

You look sort of buffed in this photo. Are you wearing prostheses?

I just noticed also that your blog is dated in the Euro fashion. Très sophistiqué, you.

H.b.d. - love ya.

jennifer said...

Sneaky bugger! I always forget the exact date of your birthday as you've not got it on the forum, but I saw that little cake! Happy birthday, yo! And have fun at the gig. How nice to have a gig to go to on your birthday. :D

robot_hero said...
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robot_hero said...

You look sort of buffed in this photo. Are you wearing prostheses?

Actually, I'm not wearing any pants in this picture. AHAHAHHAAHAHAHHAHAHAH!

Stef said...

Happy birthday for like... Ages ago. Sorry I've not been round much lately but I've been moving house and work has been mental too. OK, excuses over.