The rats ate all the presents and the reindeer ran away

Sooner or later, everyone releases a Christmas song or album. Even the legendary Spinal Tap did one, called "Christmas With The Devil". There are a few versions of this song floating around, the best of which is on the "Christmas With The Devil" 7" b/w a "scratch mix" of the same song, but this one is a little more difficult to find. You can also find it on their "Break Like The Wind" album, which had wider distribution and has probably ended up in bargain bins all over the world.

The version on BLTW is a tad overproduced, and I much prefer the 7" version. Also, the 7" version has Tap themselves wishing happy holidays to all at the end of the song, while the BLTW version edits that out completely. Check out the 7" version here, and happy holidays, bitches.

Spinal Tap > Christmas With The Devil

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Stef said...

This was inspired, mate. What a track to end on :-)