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Been listening to some random stuff this weekend. Weezer happened to pop up in the playlist, which was kinda cool. Their first album was really fun, catchy guitar pop complete with nerdy lyrics. The second album, Pinkerton, was pretty cool although it was slagged off by a lot of critics. Pinkerton didn't sell as well as blue (the first album), either, but the hardcore fans loved it. Anyways, it all pretty much went downhill from there and the albums seemed to get successively worse.

The song that inspired this post, "I Just Threw Out The Love of My Dreams," is a b-side from their single, "The Good Life" (aka the Oz EP from the Pinkerton era). The lead vocals are done by Rachel Haden, twin sister of Petra Haden . There's actually a third sister, Tanya (they're triplets and their father was jazz musician who used to hang with Ornette Coleman), but I don't really know anything about her. Anyways, I love the guitars and moog in this song and Rachel's voice sounds just as good as Petra's. Actually, I was convinced for a long time that it was Petra doing the singing, but it is, in fact, Rachel.

Weezer > I Just Threw Out The Love of My Dreams


Rob said...

To make things even more confusing, Rachel Haden is now a member of the Rentals—the band that Matt Sharp (formerly the bassist for Weezer) started. On the first two Rentals albums, you can hear Petra Haden singing; however, she never toured with them. You might check out "She Says It's Alright," from their second album—that has a lot of Petra's wonderful singing on it.

The Rentals just recently got back together, and they've been playing "I Just Threw Out the Love of My Dreams" at shows. This seems to endlessly confuse reviewers; I just read a review that says Petra contributed to a Weezer song, and I've seen stuff that says that Petra is currently on tour with the Rentals. Both are false!

Tanya is married to Jack Black (yes, that Jack Black). The three Hadens have appeared as The Haden Triplets in the past, and Rachel was singing with Petra Haden and the Sell-outs before she rejoined the Rentals.

robot_hero said...

Thanks, Rob, that's a nice writeup. Much better than what I generally post. Wasn't Rachel touring with Petra for The Who Sell Out album? Also, I read that Petra joined The Decemberists earlier this year.