You are an apple in disguise

Proving yet again how much of a geek I am, I used the Motorola phone tools and made myself a ringtone using the opening ten seconds of Lush's Sweetness and Light. I remember the first time I heard that track; it was fucking magic. And when the rhythm section kicked in, it was pure heaven. I tend to OD on them when I listen to them, but Lush always manage to find their way back into my rotation every couple months or so. So yeah, I have a Sweetness and Light ringtone on my phone...somebody fucking call me, like now.

Check out the original track from the Gala album, which is a comp of their first three EPs. Also, check out the MBV (Orange Squash) remix, which is on the Splendor soundtrack. I haven't seen the movie, but the soundtrack is damn good. Judging by the soundtrack cover, I'm not so sure I'd like the movie anyways, and I don't know anyone who's seen it. The remix is pretty cool, it packs a punch whereas the original sort of floats along. You can't go wrong with either version or their respective albums.

Lush > Sweetness and Light
Lush > Sweetness and Light (Orange Squash Remix)


Stef said...

You made a ring-tone? Can't you just have an mp3 as your ring tone?

Anyway, a good track and I'm sure you enjoyed the challenge!

robot_hero said...

Well, the tool allows me to cut up mp3s. I don't think my phone has enough space to hold whole ones.

jennifer said...

I've seen Splendor. It was remarkably vacant. Having two people as leads (Kathleen Robertson and Johnathon Schaech) who patently cannot act nor have ever proven otherwise made this film doomed from the start. Blerf.

But back to Lush. God!!! Sweetness and Light may be my favorite song of theirs. Sometimes I can't even listen to that song because it's too emotional. Not that I have any experience or personal ties to it really, but it's just so vivid, real, and passionate. I think it's a great seduction song.

Oh and I did not know Gala was a compilation of their 3 albums.

robot_hero said...

Yeah, the song is just plain sexy all around; musically, lyrically, to say nothing of the vocals. Spooky was actually their first proper album, I always forget that.

Stef said...

Should I tell you I have a gig on my phone? ;-)

Wildly off topic I know but I was surprised at what a small range of phones you guys have in stores.