I think, last night, you were driving circles around me

I just ran across this mp3 (seriously, what did we do with our time before Al Gore invented the internet?). It's the 50 Foot Wave version of Kristin Hersh's "Your Ghost". Now, as you may or may not know, 50 Foot Wave is Kristin Hersh's latest band/project or whatever you want to call it. You can find all the info you handle over at throwingmusic.com.

Her first few solo albums were largely acoustic affairs, as compared to the Throwing Muses albums. "Your Ghost" is the opening track on her first solo album, "Hips and Makers". Spare and haunting, it's about someone dialing an old phone number in an effort to summon the ghost of a dead lover. Michael Stipe lends a hand on the background vocals.

In an effort to describe the differences between the two tracks, here's my crappy analogy. The original solo version would be something like the movie, "A Tale of Two Sisters". Something pretty on the surface but tortured and heartbreaking underneath.

Now, this 50 Foot Wave version would be somewhere along the lines of, hmm...something smoldering, sexy, and sinister. For some reason, the movie "Underworld" comes to mind. Yeah, I know it sucked, but I like vampires, I like Kate Beckinsale, and I like Kate Beckinsale in leather. Yup, Kate Beckinsale as a leather-clad vampire; where do I sign up to give blood?

Anyways, I think you get the picture.

Compare and contrast:
Kristin Hersh > Your Ghost
50 Foot Wave > Your Ghost


Stef said...

I can't listen to the MP3s right now for technical reasons and I don't know the songs so my usual erudite (WFF?!) analysis of your tunes will have to wait.

However I was also unaware of Underworld and, having Googled it a bit, am now also ready sign up to give blood. :-)

Stef said...

Just listened to them. Nice stuff. Think a whole album would do my head in but it certainly made a nice accompanyment to my morning.

robot_hero said...

Actually, I think you might like the 50 Foot Wave album, "Golden Ocean". It's ferocious and fast-paced rock n' roll.

Stef said...

Golden Ocean eh? Will have to check that out.