My headphones, they saved my life

So my cousin had never really listened to Bjork. While she was over the other day (delivering the MA box), I played a few songs for her and we watched a few videos. It was kinda cool, because I hadn't listened to Bjork in a while and it was kinda fun watching CC get into the tunes. Cool thing about Bjork is that her work is pretty interesting, even if you don't like it. Take the Medulla album, for example. I didn't really enjoy it, but it's an interesting idea...even though it's been done before (see the previous post on Todd Rundgren). I dunno, is there anyone else doing shit like that?

One of the best shows I've seen was Bjork's Homogenic tour at the Warfield in San Francisco way back in 98. Homogenic also happens to be my favorite album. She kept scampering all over the stage in her white outfit with butterfly wings. The beats were great and the string section was great. It was really just captivating.

And let's not get started on her videos. I mean, even if she only has 50% input into what goes on in those videos, then she's fucking amazing. All Is Full of Love, Human Behaviour, It's Oh So Quiet, Hunter, I Miss You...sheesh, the list goes on. All of her videos are fucking cool

Then there's Dancer In The Dark. I saw that in the theater when it was first released. Man, I was astounded. Her performance was so good, it just pulled you right in. And that ending, wow. Perhaps the character of Selma was written with her in mind, does anyone know? I remember when the film was finally released on dvd, I bought it as soon as I could because it's such a great film. To this day, I've never put it on because I just can't get myself into a mood where I'd want to sit there and watch it to the end. Strange, considering I've seen a lot of other movies several times over, that are just as fucked up.

Also, check out the Bjork box set, Surrounded, that's coming next week. It's got all the albums on dual-sided discs. On the other side of each disc is the same album mixed in 5.1 and DTS and includes all of the videos from each particular album. I'm tempted but not sure yet. Do I really need the 5.1/DTS mixes? CC already preordered her copy, crazy chick.

All Is Full of Love (video version)
There's More To Life Than This
Joga (Live 1999)
Sweet Sweet Intuition


jennifer said...

I don't think a movie has ever stunned me so much as Dancer in the Dark has. I couldn't speak for the rest of the night after seeing it. I'm surprised I was able to get up and leave the theatre AND walk home.

robot_hero said...

One thing I remember vividly was the end of the movie, when the screen went black. There was this moment of silence before the credits started rolling, and you could hear little sniffles and some people crying. That little moment seemed like forever.

Stef said...

I still haven't seen Dancer in the Dark... Shame on me! I intend to but I haven't...

Bjork is a legend, out on her own as a legend. Incredibly creative and talented. Mad as a box of frogs but brilliant none the less.

robot_hero said...

Yeah, you really need to see it at least once. Post a review, too.


Stef said...

Yes sir! ;-)