We Are The Massacre

Video by World's End Girlfriend (Japan), from the album "The Lie Lay Land". The song is absolutely gorgeous. The video is good, but I think they tried a little too hard. Check out the Noble site for more info and other mp3 samples.

Download "We Are The Massacre" from the Noble site.

Also, click here (and scroll down a bit) to check out samples from the World's End Girlfriend / Mono collaboration, "Palmless Prayer / Mass Murder Refrain". Very pretty music, it's got a cinematic quality to it. The album is out only in Japan at the moment, I've read that it's going to be released in the U.S. in September on the Temporary Residence label. Luckily for me, Mono were selling copies of it at the gig I attended last month, and I was able to get one for myself.


Stef said...

Do you think these guys went to art school? ;-)

robot_hero said...

Ha, yeah, they probably took a class or two.