Lazy Saturday

As a result of being unable to sleep last night, I'm just bein' lazy and hangin' around today. I found a webcam and just installed it. Check me out, I'm so rock n' roll. Listened to this old song that seems to fit the mood of the day. Yeah, that's how I feel. Well, more like can't get out of the house.

The Charlatans > Can't Get Out Of Bed


jennifer said...

OMG! This song is SO freshman year of high school. My best friend at the time got it from a mix tape her boyfriend made her. And then she put it on mine. And then I got all into Brit pop. And Tim Burgess = lush!!

Stef said...

'Tis one of those days... Good choons and de is my homeboyz! I grew up with that shit being from Birmingham and all that.

robot_hero said...