Put on your shoes, girl, I'm going to the coast...

Man, it's 430am and I'm wide awake, completely wired. So next week begins Stern Grove's free concert series, which runs through August. Even cooler is that Aimee Mann and Seu Jorge are playing. How fucking cool is that?

You probably remember Aimee from Til Tuesday, back in the middle 80s. I like Til Tuesday so much, I once went to see them open up for Rick Springfield. Fact. They released three albums, "Voices Carry", "Welcome Home", and "Everything's Different Now". They're decent albums, but EDN is clearly the best one of the bunch and it's worth seeking out if you're a fan of Aimee's solo releases. She's racked up a handful of her own albums, "Whatever", "I'm With Stupid", "Bachelor #2", "Lost In Space", "Live at St. Ann's Warehouse", and "The Forgotten Arm". Tough call, but I'd go with Bachelor #2 as her best album, although I think she's still peaking as the albums after that are quietly excellent. Admittedly, TFA hasn't clicked with me, but I'm not worried about it because it took me over a year before I really "got" LIS.

Til Tuesday > J For Jules
Aimee Mann > All Over Now
Aimee Mann > What The World Needs Now
Aimee Mann > The Scientist (Live)

As for Seu Jorge, I don't really know much about him. Like most everyone else, I discovered him through his appearance in The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou. His David Bowie covers seemed so fresh and new, they're really lovely. I have a couple albums, "Cru" and "The Life Aquatic Studio Sessions, both very good. I've seen him live a couple times now, once last fall over at Bimbo's 365 and once at Coachella this past spring. He puts on quite the show, definitely worth checking out.

Seu Jorge > Don't
Seu Jorge > Rebel Rebel
Seu Jorge > Starman


Stef said...

Meh, Aimee Man kinda leaves me cold but Seu Jorge sounds kinda cool. Couldn't get Rebel Rebel to work but the other two tracks are wicked. Good find!

robot_hero said...

What I like about Aimee Mann is that all her songs seem to be about fucked up relationships, which is right up my alley. Her lyrics can be so sarcastic and biting, I love it.