Electric Beach Fever

Surfing around, I just found the lyrics to PUFFY's "Electric Beach Fever"...in English! I love this song. It's a perfect summer song and it's really a lot of fun, but I've not heard it sung in English. Makes me wonder how accurate this translation is. Anyone around here speak Japanese?

Check it out:
PUFFY > Electric Beach Fever

Electric Beach Fever

Let's go driving
With a feeling of caramel
With a jumping rhythm
The radio station is the BBC

Along the seashore
At the Magellan Festival
With energy
Seagulls are flying BOAC
At the Meriken wharf
For some reason we're excited
Driving at full speed in our swimsuits
Get our liquor right away at Matsubara

Let's go eat some crabs
Be shy
The lone happy beach is charming
Almost too much like a postcard

Let's go to the shore
Let's go together
A loving rhythm in a bursting mode

Night and day
We shorten the distance
His and my
Cell phones are ringing

The pelican looks lonely
Floating on waves
Anybody can feel that sorrow
Even the fish have that perfume

Let's go eat some crabs
Be businesslike
That's Harrison Ford on that porch
We are very lucky girls

Let's go energetically
Let's lead the way
Let's run around in synch with the rhythm

Let's go eat some crabs
Be shy
The charming white happy beach
Looks too much like a postcard

Let's go to the shore
Let's go together
We've been invited to synchronise with the rhythm
A loving mode with bursting rhythm


Stef said...

Man, you point me in the direction of the weirdest shit...

robot_hero said...

Bah, just give in and let them rock your ass.


Stef said...

A.. E... Eh.. Must... Fight... The... Pop! *faints*