She controls me, she can't help herself

Continuing with the Fountains of Wayne, I've been listening to their b-sides album, "Out of State Plates" a bit this week. You have to be a completist nerd fan to buy this two-disc album, because it's very hit and miss. The good stuff is really great and the rest can be rather forgettable. However, the regular releases ("Fountains of Wayne", "Utopia Parkway", and "Welcome Interstate Managers") are all good albums.

What I like about FoW are their super catchy hooks and the often amusing and sometimes self-deprecating lyrics. Sometimes the lyrics seem to work against them because it makes them look like a novelty band, but it's just cool that they sound like they're having a good time and that they don't take themselves too seriously. They're also fun to see live.
Adam Schlesinger also doubles as a member of the band, Ivy, and writes a lot of their songs. I'll do something about them sometime soon.

The Girl I Can't Forget (from Out of State Plates)
Denise (from Utopia Parkway)
Can't Get It Out of My Head (Live ELO Cover from Out of State Plates)
Radiation Vibe (from Fountains of Wayne)


Stef said...

I don't know what it is but I never really 'got' Fountains of Wayne at all...

"Completist nerd fan" eh? You surprise me ;-)

robot_hero said...

Really? How so?

Stef said...

I've seen your CD collection! I suspect that you're a completist in many respects :-)

robot_hero said...

Ha! Thanks ^_^