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i only have a few of her albums, but i really like tujiko noriko. a few years ago, i picked up "from tokyo to naiagara" on a whim (someone somewhere recommended it). it was another one of those albums that didn't do a thing for me at first. one night, i had the mp3 player on random. "rocket hanabi" came on and pretty much blindsided me. the ending of the song is fucking amazing. it builds and builds, then suddenly kinda stops and there's this sonar bell going off. really cool. i fell in love with the album after that. i like the electronic experimentalism, the catchy melodies underneath and her lovely voice.

one of my other favorite songs on the album is robot hero. last summer, i was obsessing over this song, as you can tell by the name on this weblog. i love how the song is arranged. the lone tapping which keeps time. the offbeat keyboards. the expressiveness of her voice. i kinda wanna know what she's singing about, but i also don't wanna know. i don't want to ruin it. the end of the song feels so melancholy and sad, and it seems to go on for a long time. it's really pretty. anyways, those are my two favorite songs on "from tokyo to naiagara". check em out.

rocket hanabi
robot hero

mego (label)
tomlab (label)
stream the entire (from tokyo...) album here


Bonkie said...

Have you heard Robot Zero yet? It's the bestest!

robot_hero said...


Stef said...

I was wondering where 'robot hero' came from. Now I know...

A very beautiful song but slightly marred by me not understanding a single word she says. :-) I just worry that I might say something along the lines of "that's beautiful" and then find out the song is about shagging corpses or something!

robot_hero said...

haha, yeah, that's why i'd probably rather not find out what she's singing about.