that woulda been one trippy lookin kid

joey, meet miki. miki, this is joey.

lush > i wanna be your girlfriend
the ramones > i wanna be your boyfriend


Stef said...

Nice :-)

Has to be said I was never really a fan of either band, I think I just prefer my punky stuff to be a bit more... Visceral I think.

Good to have a little listen though, cheers!

me said...

Miki is gorgeous

jennifer said...

This wouldn't normally be the case, but I prefer the Ramones song! That Lush song could totally be featured on some shitty, throwaway teenage girl flick. Oh man, Lush just had to break up, didn't they?

robot_hero said...

aw, i like the lush track. i like the clapping and talking at the very end. it just sounds like they had a good time playing it. and yeah, miki is lovely. i'm sure i'm not the only one who had a huge crush on her.

Wood said...

I really like the Lush song. It's very, well girl-pop-tastic.