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i recently discovered bob mould's blog. it's kinda neat reading it, he comes off like an ordinary guy. i never got into husker du that much, i prefer the sugar albums, but it's difficult not to think of him as a sort of legend or icon. i remember when copper blue came out in 92, i was mesmerized by it. the music is powerful, muscular, and even a bit distorted, yet it has super catchy melodies lurking just beneath the surface. it surprises me that they weren't more popular. liza, my then-girlf, and i went to see sugar in 93, after beaster was released. they walked onstage and tore through their set, hardly stopping to say anything except for a thank you here or there. very cool.

sugar had two proper albums (copper blue, file under easy listening), one ep (beaster), a shitload of singles with non-album tracks (woe is the sugar completist), and a b-sides disc (besides) that compiled most of those non-album tracks. also, there was a limited edition of the comp that came with a second disc which captured a live performance in 95 (in minneapolis, i believe) that is sooooo worth seeking out. how's that for a run-on sentence?

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