barnyard rock n' roll

i went with ben and annie to see belle & sebastian and the new pornographers. first of all, the venue was fucking weird. it was like a barn or something. yeah, a barn in san francisco. and it's like four times as big as the fillmore. not exactly intimate. it's called The Concourse at the SF Design Center. i've driven past it countless times, not knowing what was inside. this time, it was a gig inside. it was like a cavern in there, but the acoustics weren't too bad.

the new pornographers played a cool set, but the mix wasn't very good. the sound was kinda muddy. the girl who's filling in for neko case (carl newman's niece, i forget her name) is actually good, if you can get over the fact that she's not neko. but yeah, i think they would have sounded better at a smaller venue, like when they played bimbo's last fall. that fucking rocked. and neko was there, too.

belle & sebastian were great. i've kinda gone off them lately, but i always enjoy their live show. actually, i enjoy their new album (the life pursuit) much more than the previous one (dear catastrophe waitress). they played "simple things", which i don't think i've heard live before. "electronic renaissance" was really cool, too.

check it:
the new pornographers > sing me spanish techno
belle and sebastian > the blues are still blue

i don't care if you like "mass romantic" better, the pornos song is like the best pop song ever. it's got the catchy chorus and the crunchy guitars. it's like a living thing, it really moves. the b&s track has this cool 70s vibe to it that i really like. maybe i can start enjoying them again.


Stef said...

I love the title of that pornographers track. The tune itself didn't do much for me though. I've never much liked B&S either...

Nice to listen to something a bit different for a change though, I've got Scott Walker on in the car at the moment. Odd but good.

robot_hero said...

haha, yeah...i've noticed that your taste doesn't run too much towards the pop side.

Stef said...

You noticed that, eh? ;-)

robot_hero said...

just a little bit ^_^