crappy ass customer service

it's bitch time, check it. tonight, i think i had my worst ever experience as a customer. so a long time ago, i bought my first cellular phone (or mobile...whatever you want to call it) and the carrier was called Cellular One. after a couple of years, Cellular One were bought out by ATT. everything was cool. last year, i think it was, ATT was eaten up by Cingular. fine. i kept my same number and plan. blah blah. a couple months ago, i bought a new phone from Cingular. i paid my bill and paid for the phone, no biggie. today, i discovered my service had been cut off. okay, i must have forgotten to pay the most recent bill.

i get to work, log onto the Cingular site and pony up the $40 i currently owe. towards the end of the day, my service hasn't been reinstated. i'm supposed to meet up with some friends at the B&S show tonight, so i call Cingular to see what's up. turns out i still owe $67 to ATT. WTF? so i tell the guy, fine, i'll pay it, just reactivate my service so i can go meet my friends. cs rep says he has to get a manager to approve and log in to do the transaction, since they're separate accounts. fine, i'll hold. twenty minutes later, the rep gets back on the phone and asks if i'm still there. yep, i'm still here, motherfucker. he then asks me if i can call back tomorrow because they're really busy and the manager is swamped. you gotta be fucking kidding me. so i ask the guy if he can just reactivate my service so i can get in touch with my friends and i promised to call him directly tomorrow morning to take care of the payment. he says no, he needs the manager BLAH X3 but they're really busy and they can't take care of me.


it's getting late and i need to go, so i just say fine and hang up. now i wish i'd gotten the name of that jackass so i could complain. man, i'm all worked up cuz of that shit.


Stef said...

Nightmare... I'd be totally lost without my mobile.

Are you allowed to keep the same number if you move networks? Thankfully they let us do that here and things seem to work pretty well.

Whenever I call a call-centre, I make a point of asking the person to repeat their name and writing it down, just in case.

robot_hero said...

yeah, we can switch networks and keep the same number. i think that was just implemented recently, within the past couple years.

i don't usually phone in for customer service, so i can't get into the habit of getting names....i just gotta remember to do it.